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Security Shield Window Mesh Protection


'Security shield' - window protection grilles


1st Choice 'Security Shield' is a strong, 2mm thick steel mesh that is fixed to existing windows and Security Shielddoors, offering great anti-vandal protection for all of your windows in the form of unobtrusive security window grilles.


Schools, offices and domestic residences often need to protect themselves and their equipment from criminals and vandals who are looking to damage and or steal property.

The 'Security Shield' Barrier gives building owners another option in the fight against criminal damage. The window security grille has strength and long life not found before in the physical security industry. Its durability earned it the honour of being the first form of window security to be insurance approved.

The 'Security Shield' was designed with architects and technical experts in mind, providing them with an unobtrusive solution for clients with security concerns. There are no unsightly iron bars or traditional steel mesh, simply a window security grille system that effectively prevents damage.

Security shield is a durable metal perforated window security mesh mounted in front of, or behind, the glass in windows or doors. The window security grille can be fitted into existing windows and looks equally effective mounted in both traditional and contemporary frames.

For discreet security choose window grilles.Security shield allows well over 60% of natural light to enter the building, to maintain good visibility and a pleasant working or living environment indoors. The pattern of the security window grille fools the eye into focussing on the view beyond the barrier. This means that residents, workers or guests in the building do not experience the “closed-in” feeling that can be associated with some security products. This provides users with optimum security, without compromising on comfort.

From a distance 'Security shield' merely gives the impression that the windows are fitted with tinted glass, but at close quarters it is a stong visible deterrent to any would-be burglars or vandals.

The perforated screen offers protection against unauthorised access to the property through the doors or windows whilst also protecting the glass against blows, rocks or even air gun pellets.

Security shield has been fitted in many locations including offices, schools, places of worship, museums, factories and shops. Security shield security grilles have also been used in secure units to allow access to windows for ventilation whilst retaining high security standards.

Security Shield3

Security Shield2










'Security shield clear' - window protection

'Security Shield Clear' is the perfect glass protection product for any building owner searching for a security solution that does not affect the appearance of your property at all.  The specialised polycarbonate high security windows protects your property against damage while looking just the same as a standard glass window.



  • 200 to 300 times stronger than glassSecurity Shield Clear
  • Cuts out over 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • 5 year guarantee against fading or yellowing.
  • Clean off graffiti using solvents with no damage to the protective shield.
  • Scratch resistant, thanks to its specialised hard coating.
  • Available in 6mm – 12mm thicknesses
  • Tested to BS6206 level A (10 year guarantee not to break), for safety glazing.




These innovative high security windows offer invisible protection and are particularly effective in shops, preventing damage and breaking and entering without stopping customers from seeing your products.  

The incredible resistance to violent attack needs to be seen to be believed. 'Security Shield Clear' is over 200 times stronger than glass, and yet the security window will have almost no visual impact on the building and its surroundings.

Each 'Security Shield Clear' uses a special polycarbonate material which has been specially developed with a minimum thickness of 6mm rising to 12mm for extremely large window fittings.

The 'Security Shield Clear' is virtually impenetrable.

In any building the glazing on the windows and doors is the weakest link. Security Shield Clear solves this problem:

Burglars will give up quite quickly when they realise that their attempted break-in is taking too long and may be attracting unwanted attention.

Vandals will walk away when they realise they are not causing any damage.



  • Security Shield3









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